Reclaim Your Home: Post Remodeling Cleaning

Reclaim Your Home: Post Remodeling Cleaning

Scruples Maids knows that all construction projects, whether they involve remodeling a bathroom or building a house from scratch, have something in common—they leave behind a big mess. Getting a home ready to live in after a construction project can be a huge task, but hiring the right construction clean up service can make the process much simpler.

Construction Aftermath

There are all sorts of messes left behind after a construction project, whether they are paint spots on the floor, stray building materials, or even just the thick layer of dust kicked up by saws and drills. If a house or renovation is brand new, moving straight in can lead to all sorts of trouble and inconveniences. Trying to get rid of all the grime can take weeks, and if you have asthma or other respiratory issues the dust won’t do you any favors.

Cleaning Help

That’s where a construction clean up service comes in. The simplest way to get the house ready to live in is to hire someone who specializes in reconstruction cleanup. This typically involves knowing what to vacuum, sweep, mop, how to wash walls, windows, and appliances, clear out scrap materials, remove labels, and scrub the fixtures. Whether you’re looking for general tidying after the end of a project or a finely detailed polish to make the home really stand out, construction cleaning services can make your new home shine.

Different Needs

There are many different customers who might be looking for construction clean up. For example, homeowners building their own house can benefit from a good scrubbing of the site before they move in. If a real estate agent is trying to sell a brand-new home, a final polish can really make the home stand out. Even for projects such as a small kitchen remodel or an addition onto the house, post-construction cleanup can put the finishing touches on the new room.

Hiring a construction clean up service is convenient, simple, and finishes off the project the right way. Here at Scruples Maids, we offer a wide variety of construction services—if you’d like help cleaning up, call us at 440-282-3283 or request a quote.