Professional Cleaning Services for Homes and Businesses

Professional Cleaning Services for Homes and Businesses

Whether you’re a business owner or a devoted employee, most people work long hours, and most people can’t afford to waste time. Time is money. Time is precious. Time is something we shouldn’t ever settle on. A recent study has shown that the majority of Americans regularly work more than 40 hours per week. Not only do we work long hours, but we take work home with us, and continue working on it even during after-hours. Not to mention all of the responsibilities we have at home: errands, groceries, cleaning, maintenance, and all the to-dos that come with life.

Between the 60% of the day devoted to work or work-related activities, and the 25% that is absorbed by all of the other responsibilities we have, the remaining 15% of the day is a crucial time for anyone. This bodes the question: how do we make the most of that time, and how do we adjust our day-to-day to-dos to yield more free time?

No matter if you need to free up your days at home or keep your business office in order, the answer is simple: remove the stress of cleaning from your list. Hiring a professional maid service that’s highly trained and focused on your experience as a customer will not only leave your house or office in the cleanest state its ever been in, but will also give you peace of mind.

Scruples professional cleaning services can be scheduled around your own busy schedule, meaning, you can take the rest of that free time and devote it to your business, your personal development, your children, your pets and your loved ones.

Dedicated, Dependable Cleaning Services

We know you’re looking for dependable, detail-oriented service when you look for the best office cleaning service in your area. You’re looking for a dependable cleaning service because you can’t afford to hire a team that won’t come at the right time of day, you can’t afford to hire a service that won’t do a very good job, and you can’t afford to pay someone when you’re not getting the proper services in return.

What Can Scruples Do for You?

You want your office sparkly clean – you want all of the trash removed, the counters scrubbed, the desks dusted. You want the break room to be sanitized and ready for the next day on the job because it’s what you expect for your employees. Not only that, but as a business owner or manager you know that a clean building exhibits the kind of first-class, professional image that your employees and tenants deserve. Not only that, but a clean space promotes a healthier, more sanitary environment for everyone who works or lives in it.

You want your home organized – you want the kitchen scrubbed and sanitized, the bathroom in pristine condition, the living room to feel the most comfortable it’s ever felt. You want your home to feel like home. You want someone to take into account all of your high-traffic areas, and be sure that every surface is cleaned to perfection. And not only that, but you want someone to handle that task so you can focus on what’s most important

We provide dependable, efficient, high quality cleaning services because that’s what you deserve as our client. Each member of our staff goes through an extensive, ongoing educational training program. Our employees will master each and every cleaning technique and will learn how to properly utilize all of the best cleaning products.

We also offer one-time cleans, move out / move-in cleanings, and weekly / bi-weekly maid cleaning. Let us know what works best for you by requesting a quote or giving us a call at 440-282-3283. We offer commercial cleaning services in Lorain County, Amherst, South Amherst, Bay Village, Avon Lake, Elyria, Huron, Vermilion, and Sandusky.