5 Easy Steps to Motivate Yourself to Clean

5 Easy Steps to Motivate Yourself to Clean

It may seem daunting to clean your entire house by yourself whether it’s after a holiday or just a routine cleaning. We know not everyone has the motivation to pick up after themselves but in the long run, you will be pleased that you started today. We know it is not the funnest activity to do but with these five tips you will be as fast and efficient as a professional house cleaning service

1. Time Yourself

We all know that when you are doing something that is not your favorite activity, you will drag the task for hours. For this reason, we advise you to time yourself. Set a twenty minute alarm for each task that needs to be done. It is easier to focus for a short period of time rather than staying on the same task for hours with other things disrupting your groove. Once the twenty minutes are up, take a break and continue onto the next task.

2. Start with Smaller Jobs

It is often overwhelming to think about cleaning your house when there is stuff to clean all around you. Instead of putting it off, start with cleaning the smaller areas. Does your microwave need cleaning? Do your dishes need to be put away? Finishing those smaller tasks will make the job easier and eventually motivate you to continue taking on the larger jobs.

3. Make a List

Now you may not be able to clean your entire house the same day, which is totally fine! Instead we suggest making a list of the priority jobs that you need to get done as soon as possible. Prioritize that list by either the size of the area to clean or the traffic on the area. If you know that your inlaws are coming over soon and will be sitting in the living room, make sure that is the first room you tackle.

4. Listen to Music

Make cleaning more fun! When you have a distraction from the actual physical job you are doing, it will go by faster, just like listening to music while working out! Use a playlist that contains happy and bubbly songs or even listen to a podcast! Focusing on the story being told or the lyrics of the song will take your mind off of the chore you are doing.

5. Reward yourself once done

You did it! You finally cleaned the entire house, how good do you feel?! We know the feeling itself is rewarding but forcing yourself to do the job and getting it done deserves some recognition! We suggest you reward yourself, whether with an ice cream bowl or binge watching your favorite tv show, you earned it.

These five steps are easy to follow whenever you have some cleaning to do. In the long run, maintenance is what will keep your house clean and tidy. We know motivation is not always as easy to trigger but thankfully this is what maid cleaning services are for. We, at Scruples Maid services can take that task off your list with no worry. We clean all areas of your house on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can also assist in your spring cleaning, where more attention to details is needed.

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