3 Cleaning Tips from Scruples

3 Cleaning Tips from Scruples

Finding yourself a bit at a loss for time? Trying to get your house in order for the coming holidays? Or are you just trying to keep a better cleaning routine? Here are a few quick tips to keeping your home clean.

Tell visitors to take their shoes off before they walk into the house. This simple sentence will keep dirt, grime, pesticides and street residue off of your floors. Homeowners who have a “no shoes” policy experience cleaner homes and even longer lasting carpet! You could even take it to the next step and put a shoe rack next to the entrance door. This will keep shoes from piling up and looking unsightly as well as keep grime away.

Sun-powered clean: the sun can help you clean! Put a clothesline up in your yard or in a room with a lot of sun and watch it as it pays for itself within ~1 load of laundry, in terms of the energy saved. Sun can be used not only to dry the laundry, but to fight off mildew, freshen and dry the sheets, pillow covers and mattresses.

Find a better way to organize. Good organization skills can lead to a lot of time saved. You know those organization bins and containers you were considering? Go out and get some, and then put them everywhere in your home. You’ll be glad you did after you reap the benefits!

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